Women’s Retreat

Did you know that if you are a Methodist and a woman, that you are a member of UMW already? Each year there is a UMW weekend retreat. It is held near Allenspark, close to Estes Park, in a beautiful wooded mountain facility.  There is an outdoor labyrinth I like to walk to find centering and peace. Each year has had a different theme, and different leaders, but it has been such a great way to get to know the women in our church better, and to deepen my faith.  Last year I really finally got what worshiping God was.  I felt that was a part of my faith that was missing, but it turns out I was focusing on the wrong things!  I was so inspired by the retreat I wrote a poem worshiping God during some of our quiet time.  Click here to read it!


I got to know my 3 roommates and had a great time crafting and chatting with them.  Another time I attended I was inspired to write a psalm about the seasons in life.  It is so nice to go spend roughly 2 days being able to just have female energy and goodness and Godliness around me with an opportunity to just focus on my spiritual life and not have the hectic schedule that life with 2 young kids presents.  One of the best blessings is that there is no cell phone service, so I truly got to get away!!


Charlene Taylor