What to expect

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

Coming in to a new church can be pretty overwhelming. Even if you’re already a member, it may seem pretty daunting. We have collected all that we’re about and summarized it for you on this page. In most cases, each topic can be quite involved. So, be sure to click the Learn more links next to each one.


Worship Times. We offer multiple worship services every Sunday morning. The earlier service starts at 8:15 and is a popular one for our early birds. The next service starts at 10:30 where sacraments are observed. We have two different flavors of the 10:30 service: with one service being offered in English while the other in Spanish.

Children’s Time. Smoky Hill also embraces the presence of our children during worship. At the 10:30 service, our young ones can experience worship for themselves during the first part of the service. We then invite them in front of the congregation for what we call Children’s Time. Children’s time allows us to connect to our youth by providing God’s Word and Jesus’ teachings in a way that is relevant to them.

Children’s Church. Children’s Church is just that. During the 10:30 service, we allow our children to make their way to out of the sanctuary and into another classroom where they can continue their journey with God through age-appropriate activities. Once a month, we replace Children’s Church with Worship as a Family, where, instead the children stay in the sanctuary with their families.

Visit the Worship Services page for more information.

Adult Discipleship

Weekday Classes. Weekday classes provide a great way to connect with God and each other during the week. Some classes are recurring, while others are based on a specific schedule.

Sunday Classes. Sunday classes, or a.k.a. Sunday School, provide a convenient way to utilize your presence at worship. These classes are available between the 8:15 and 10:30 services. Got kids? No problem! They can attend their own Sunday School, as well.