Pastors and Staff

Hi There!

We are the people that work at Smoky Hill United Methodist Church. We hold our vision very close to our hearts and strive to find ways to connect, transform and serve our congregation. We encourage you to find us at church and connect with us. We’d love to hear from you. However, until then, read a little bit about us.


Meet the Pastors

Hello! We are your pastors. Please get to know us, and reach out if necessary.

Rev. Lucia Correa

Reverend Lucia Correa TBD

Rev. Derek DeToni-Hill

As Smoky Hill's senior pastor, Derek provides the congregation with spiritual leadership.

Rev. Charlotte Carr

Charlotte is Smoky Hill's associate pastor. Along with her sermons, she provides leadership to various groups and committees.


Meet the Staff

Hey y’all! We are the staff and we are here to help. We assist with running the church’s daily tasks, ministries and the services.