Hi, Welcome to Smoky Hill

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Welcome to Smoky Hill

Smoky Hill United Methodist Church affirms that God’s grace is available to all. We prayerfully seek to openly welcome all of God’s children regardless of Christian perspective, education, economic condition, race, gender identity, national origin, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, age or marital status. We commit ourselves to be in ministry for and with all persons independent of society’s regard. God blesses us all so that together we can be God’s instrument of blessing to the world.

Our Vision

Smoky Hill's vision forms the core of who we are as a congregation. Our identity comes from our acts, thoughts and prayers as we embrace those values.
Our vision is to:


Connect to God in worship and prayer.


Be transformed into fully mature followers of Christ.


Serve God in our world and in our church.



So, what's next?

Whether you’re new to Smoky Hill or a regular member, you might be wondering what’s next for you. From introductions to worship, ministries to volunteer opportunities, we hope that the links below will provide you with a good starting point. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, try using our website’s search feature or ask one of us.
What to expect
If you're new to Smoky Hill, then we would like to extend an extra welcome to you. We value your desire to get to know the church and have curated a bunch of information for you.
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Our worship times
We invite you with scriptures, music, sermons and communions to worship and connect with God. Our worship services are on Sunday mornings at 8:15 and 10:30.
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How to find us
Smoky Hill is located near the major intersection of Smoky Hill Road and Orchard Rd/Himalaya St. Our address is 19491 E. Smoky Hill Rd, Centennial, Colorado, 80015.
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What’s new at Smoky Hill

Our church strives to create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for members and our community alike. Check out the following to see what's new at Smoky Hill.
Popup Market and Thrift Sale
Save the date! On June 23rd, the United Methodist Women will be hosting the Popup Market and Thrift Sale event!
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What’s Coming Up
See what's coming up this week at Smoky Hill.
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New Website
Our new website is live with a new look and feel. We hope you like it!
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